Rhodenwald & Söhne was founded as an unique and independent watch brand on the market back in 2007 by several watch enthusiasts and watch industry experts. The philosophy behind our brand is to creating watches having their own character and a very attractive price-performance ratio.  

Against this background Rhodenwald & Söhne’s mission is to revive the old virtues of watchmaking. We face the challenge of creating watches with its own character that are timeless – and yet never out of fashion. Without neglecting global aspects, Rhodenwald & Söhne always rely only on proven technology and the very best materials. 

Our world is subjected to constant change. Technical developments and the associated global changes take place at incredible speed. It is not surprising that particularly due to the frantic bustle, old traditions and passed-down handicrafts gain more and more importance.

From the initial design, through the first prototype through to crafting: Each Rhodenwald & Söhne wrist watch arises from the symbiosis of passionate watch enthusiasts, creative designers and experienced watchmakers. The result is always a harmonious combination of timeless design, quality and attention to detail.